Founded by Allen Lunde in 1978 as Valley Earth Homes. We began building earth sheltered and earth beam homes during the energy crisis. The original office was in the basement of our home. We had to keep costs down because there was not a lot of building going on. Interest rates were around 16% and the energy crunch was tightening everyone’s belts.

Valley Custom Homes Inc.

In 1982 the company changed its name to Valley Custom Homes Inc. and began building energy efficient hand framed homes. We moved in to our first office in St.Croix Falls. By this time the energy crisis was over and interest rates had dropped to a low 12%. This sparked the housing market and earth homes were no longer seen as the way to go.The average size of a home was under 1000 square feet and few had attached garages.The average price was under $40,000.

Over the next 18 years my father Allen Lunde ran the company by him self. Building between 10 & 15 homes per year. Building our reputation for quality, and caring for the customer was always the main focus. Times and prices changed but the focus on only building a quality product never did.

In 2000 I came to work for my father as his construction supervisor. He taught me many things about the home building industry. He taught me how to properly run the business, But most importantly he taught me the value of taking care of the customers. He always told me that if you take care of the people and build a quality product at a fair price the customers will find you.

In 2005 I purchased the business from my father. I strive to do what he has taught me. I take pride in what we do, and the quality of our product & will continue trying to keep the customer happy. We offer an excellent product at a fair price. I plan on being in business for a long time so my reputation is very important.

What does this mean for you?
Excellent product, Fair price & Someone who cares about your project as much as you.

Building Quality Custom Homes Over 30 Years

David J. Lunde (President)
Valley Custom Homes Inc.